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Galvanic Facials - and the trend for home gadgets

Friday 23rd November 2012

By Miranda Allard CEO Spa

As I slip towards my more mature years I have become an avid reader of anti-ageing articles. Whenever I see the words “‘wrinkle” and “cellulite” my attention is caught!

In my role as CEO of two other spa related websites I find myself trying, testing, judging and writing about spas and their products. It is always hard to recommend something for everyone. 

 We know that most anti-wrinkle creams include peptides which claim to help eliminate wrinkles by promoting collagen production and which in turn plumps and firms the skin.  To enhance the results of these products, manufactures developed Galvanic machines which until now have been solely for use by salon trained therapists offering wonderful, though expensive treatments. Regular Galvanic facials cleanse and improve the skin’s ability to absorb and benefit from these wonderful serums, gels and creams by the input of direct electrical current of positive and negative ions through your skin pushing the anti-aging product deeper into the dermis. However, in this time of recession, many clients are giving up their expensive salon visits.

The latest “buzz” in the press seems to be about smaller versions of these large and expensive salon machines – to be bought and used at home.  These home devices are not just Galvanic - some stimulate muscle tightening, while others use IPL hair removal techniques, laser to rejuvenate skin and even ultra sound to melt cellulite.

I have tried and tested a Galvanic home device said to be used by Brad Pitt and other A List celebrities. This particular make has two machines – one for the face, neck and smaller areas of the body and the other with a broader surface for tums, bums and thighs. I heard about this machine from a distributor visiting Professional Beauty in London last year – she was looking to supply self-employed therapists who could neither afford nor manage the large industrial size machines – but may still want to offer Galvanic treatments to their clients.

 It turns out that this neat little machine which fits into the palm of my hand could be an ideal product for therapists to sell directly to their customers – either as a maintenance treatment between salon visits or indeed to offer as an alternative to those whose custom you may otherwise lose. Being tempted myself, I bought one to see if it really worked. I am always sceptical so I used it on the crow’s feet of one eye and the flab of just one arm so I could compare the difference – all I can say is that one eye has fewer wrinkles and the circumference of one arm is distinctly less than the other!

Manufacturers have been very inventive during this widespread recession by introducing an economic alternative. So my advice is to take advantage of this new trend and stock up on the wide variety of devices now available and show your clients how to get the best results!

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