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Global Wellness Day

Wednesday 29th April 2015


SpaStaff is proud to support Global Wellness Day on June 13th – Are YOU taking part?

Global Wellness Day will be celebrated this year in 36 countries bringing together the spa and wellness world. Through showcasing and sharing experiences and opportunities their mission is to educate the wider community towards a healthy lifestyle. A growing number of spas, hotels, health clubs and wellness resorts open their doors to the public on this one day and offer classes and experiences free of charge while fitness professionals promote activities with group classes on public spaces.

How to join GWD and participate:

Visit the website which explains more about the concept and vision. It is as if the Spa & Wellness industry were organizing a worldwide “Open House” on the same day to catch the attention of the public & the media! So once you have decided how you would like to participate and what activities you will offer – remember to promote your events! Of course this in turn should bring you a fresh wave of new business with participants realising the long term benefits of continuing with their sampled experiences of the day.

Below are some suggestions of activities that Spa & Fitness teams could organize in order to cater your regular guests/members & attract locals:

  • - a class or workshop on movement (yoga, pilates, dance, tai chi, Alexander…) ;
  • - a guided relaxation (meditation, creative visualization…) ;
  • - a class or workshop on breathing (pranayama),  chanting or singing… ;
  • - short massage sessions (10mn on hands, head, back, feet) so participants (spa virgins) can feel the difference between before/after ;
  • - massage workshop (with loose clothes on) to understand the physiological benefits of massage techniques (petrissage, pummelling, pressure points, TCM) to feel more relaxed or energized and how to give a 10mn massage to loved ones to share the sensations ;
  • - Nutrition talk / workshop (with a dietician, nutritionist…) ;
  • - cooking workshop with the hotel chef or of a nearby healthy restaurant (for day spas) ;
  • - a tea ceremony to understand & savour the benefits of white, green, red & black teas ;
  • - a delicious & revitalizing mixology session / class with the hotel  Barista or local owner or manager of a smoothie bar (for Day spas) ;
  • - physical / fitness activities or challenges (a race in the neighbourhood or fun/stimulating indoor activities) ;
  • - a flash mob (dancing, or moving through standing asana...)
  • - a talk / conference / book signing with an author on health-fitness-nutrition-beauty-wellness) or about confidence, growth, personal development... ;
  • - creativity workshop to write a short poem (haiku...) or create a zen garden in a frame with sand & rocks ... ;
  • - a make-up workshop ;
  • - workshops on Corporate Wellness & the prevention of Stress Repetitive Injuries...

For more information contact Jean-Guy de Gabriac, International Coordinator ( who will introduce you to the nearest Wellness Ambassador in your region & share with you some operational steps to be ready in 7 weeks.



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