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Opening a new day spa and looking for tips on recruiting a talented team?

Friday 29th July 2016

Opening a new day spa and looking for tips on recruiting a talented team?

Recruiting a talented team is, in my view, the most important piece of the jigsaw for the success of a new spa business. I have always championed that quality of treatments should be a much higher priority than luxury and location.

Miranda’s Tips:

Plan your HR budget and don’t press for the minimum spend – you get what you pay for!

Don’t appoint too many employees preopening – build your team as bookings pick up keeping everyone busy from the start.

Pay a good basic salary to encourage new employees to join your team. If business is not immediate they will worry a commission based salary could be risky for them – make it known that this is likely to change when it becomes more profitable for all - which is an incentive in itself.

Appoint a great Team Leader (Spa Manager) and you will have a happy work force. Ticking the finance and capability boxes for management – even with certificates of training – do not necessarily make for a “good” team leader. Whether the owner is managing or a manager is appointed it is essential they are liked and they have the respect and trust of their team as well as the hands on ability to train. Spend time and, if necessary money, on finding this person first – they will then guide with recruiting the rest of the team.

Advertise - post individual ads for each job title rather than trying to attract a team via a general ad. Tailor the ads accordingly – remember to sell the job as well as stating the required criteria for applicants. Give them some knowledge of the size, concept, products, salary and benefits – the more information they have the more likely they are to apply and be seriously interested in doing so.

Shortlist – choosing your employees is very individual and, though specific criteria must be met and checked, your gut feeling should not be ignored. Look at where they have previously worked and for how long – is their past experience in tune with your concept?

Interview – if they cannot be met in person arrange a Skype interview. Do not “cold call” them – email them to arrange a time and give them a chance to check you out and prepare themselves – remember this is a two way interview! I know managers who even watch trade tests over Skype and spot potential with further training on arrival.

Check references – I am a firm believer in calling past employers and speaking with them directly.

The Contract – make sure the contract is completely clear and that it covers your commitment to them as well as theirs to you. Show patience when explaining any unclear points. It should be read and signed before the arrival of the employee.

Look after your team and they will stay loyal to you and your business. Employees who are content don’t leave and instead they build you a good and regular client base.

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